Skinny Teatox // Does it really work?


So for those of you who were wondering, I've been trying to get healthy since last year, and I've tried out several methods of exercising, and other detoxes. When Skinny Teatox reached out to me, and asked if I would review their products, I thought eh why not? Teatox is a tea detox, so basically it makes you go to the bathroom (number 2) in the morning time.

So to start off, they sent me a 14 day teatox, which means that I got to try out their middle plan. They also have a 7 day teatox, and a 28 day teatox. I think if they had sent me the 7 day teatox, I probably wouldn't have seen any kind of improvement. They sent me a daily tea, which is the loose leaf tea you see on the far left side. And then the tea diffuser, which I thought was super cute. They also sent an evening tea, which includes 7 tea bags, and a pamphlet to let you know how to use everything. 
There is a disclosure on the back that says caution, because you are not suppose to drink too much senna, because it's a natural laxative. 
IMG_1634 The pamphlet that they sent with the details of exactly how to drink the tea, how many calories, and other info that anyone who wants to start on this teatox will find interesting. IMG_1666 IMG_1636
This is what I looked like before I started on the teatox. My stomach area looks okay, but I'm trying to lose a little more weight in that area, plus my arms. If you guys want a arm routine video/post let me know. There was absolutely no editing done to these pictures whatsoever.
And this is what I look like afterwards. I only lost around 2 pounds since starting this teatox. Not sure if it's due to my continued exercise, diet, with the combo of the teatox. There was one day where I skipped out on the night tea, because my friend wanted me to go out for her birthday dinner, and I didn't want to drink the tea, and then need to go to the restroom multiple times after eating dinner with her (I ended up coming back home at 2:30am FML!). But I did the night tea the following day. 
For some reason even though it's suppose to be a 14 day teatox, I still have a lot of the daytime tea. I only drink a cup a day, around 8 oz. I didn't see any kind of extreme weight loss, which is something that anyone who goes into this should note. But it is a good detox for those of you guys who want to lose a couple of pounds for a special event. I'm pretty sure that if I had gotten the 28 day teatox, I probably would have seen a lot more weight loss. 

Personally for me since I still have a lot of the day time tea, I'll probably end up buying some senna tea at my local drugstore, so I'll be able to continue the whole teatox program. I'm at the skinniest I've ever been since 2010. 

What do you guys think about teatox? Do they think they actually work? 


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