My Voxbox review

by - 9/26/2012

So I was debating which post I should put up first, seeing as how I have a couple posts that I've written that I hadn't had a chance to upload. (The reason is because I'm lazy and getting the pictures from my camera to my computer is a hassle.) So then I decided why not put up the Voxbox post I've been planning for the last week, since I got my box a couple weeks ago.

I'm going to do super quick reviews of almost everything that came in the box. This will be short reviews, because I haven't had a chance to try all the stuff yet. But I will review what I thought came in the box that was okay, that I might use.

The first thing I'm willing to try is this Geodeo natural deodorant plus Detox Complex. It's okay. I mean I'm not sure what's so special about it other than the fact that it's all natural. I haven't even had a chance to smell it yet, due to my brother dragging me out to run errands with him. -_- PS I smelled it this last week, and it smells amazing! ^_^

If you want to get a Free MOISTSTIC Lip Balm with the purchase of the Geodeo, just go to, and enter the code: geodeogwp,  but try to use this offer ASAP, because it expires on October 17, 2012!

The next item I realized that I got was the LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer. It's suppose to be all natural too! Unfortunately, can't use it, because it contains shea butter and coconut oil! Two of the things, I cannot put on my skin, if I don't want to break out. I can put shea butter on if it's like the seventh thing down on the list of ingredients, but this is not what I can put on. :(

The last thing I'm willing to use in this voxbox is the CleanWell Hand Sanitizing Wipes. I think this will come in handy on my vacation at the end of this year. Even though for where we are going, and how we are getting there, I'm not going to be needing a lot of this stuff, no, it's not because I plan on being dirty. It's because from what I've heard they provide you with a lot of sanitation products. More on my vacation later!

This E-Boost drink looks okay. I'm not sure if it's going to work, because I already have problems going to sleep late at night. I usually sleep around 3am. Which is weird, because all I ever drink during the day is orange juice, a little bit of milk, and water. (I'm assuming that this product is good because it has orange flavor in it)

 This is kind of like Sweet N Low. But it's all natural. I might try this in my tea!

When I first opened the box, this freaking huge piece of clothe jumped out at me. I was like WTFBBQ is that??!! And then I realized that it was the Dish Drying Mat. I think I'm going to give this to my mom to see if she likes it. Not sure what else I would use this for. If it's nothing like the stupid ove-glove, or whatever. My brother told me that problem with that stupid invention is that when you put water on it, it fell apart smh.

The only item I will not use is the Desert Essence because I cannot put coconut anywhere near my skin or it will cause me to break out. Which is weird, because I can eat coconut. Wtf. Sorry about the glare from my flash! I'm still trying to figure out which settings are best for my camera.

If you got a Voxbox or not, which item would you want to try out? 

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me to try.

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