Inspirational Thursdays: Galaxy Earrings

by - 10/04/2012

Feeling kind of sick lately sucks. I feel like my throat is all scratchy and shit. It sucks. And I've started taking my medication, because it's usually around this time of the year, that I get sick. And when I get sick I stay sick until early next year. I'm hoping that I'm not sick, or I will be confined to bed rest for at least 2 weeks. So I'm sorry if I haven't responded to comments in the last couple of days!

So I decided to try the galaxy trend on a pair of old earrings I got from forever21 a long time ago. And if you want to duplicate this on your jewelry, you will need the following items (By the way, there are plenty of inexpensive nail polishes from the drugstore you can use in substitution for the polishes I've used):

I would suggest you have at least 2 different glitter polishes. I picked out a gold one, and 3 silver ones. I think the kleancolor polish is pretty cool because it has silver stars in it.

All you have to do is take your sponge and apply a little bit of color onto it, and then you apply that to your jewelry.

You will need to apply an assortment of polishes. I did the blue outside, silver, then blue again, etc. Sponge looks dirty wtf:

The end result of 3 coats (BTW you can totally see my finger and how it got nail polish on it, lol):

After you apply your silver polishes, and the dark blue, you are ready to apply your glitter polishes. I did the exact same thing, I just applied the polish with the sponge:

And tada! You have your amazing cool looking galaxy earring!

And just a little FYI, there will never be two of the same, so if your looking for uniform earrings, this is not the place to look for it.

I was bored so I did the back of the earrings as well. The one on the right is the back. I asked my brother if it looked like galaxy, and he said no, it doesn't, because space is black, not blue wtf. I swear my brother is more like 5 years old than a 21 year old guy. So then I decided to paint the back of the earrings with a black background instead of the blue.

So proud of my DIY! By the way, I'm going to style these earrings by next month. It takes me a while to do a actual photo shoot.

And I decided to do a simple bracelet today to add to my armswag collection:

Super easy to do. This bracelet took me less then 10 minutes to make!

Now, I'm pretty sure this is not going to be a weekly thing, because I can't think of that many projects to do in a month, but I thought this might give some of my lovely readers some ideas so to inspire you to DIY up some of your unused jewelry!

What is your favorite trend right now? 

P.S. Sorry about the crappy pictures. I was in a rush, after doing the first earring, that I wanted to do the second one as soon as possible. 

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Davie and Erica! :)

  2. Awe these stuff is so cute :)
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  3. love the gold deborah lipmann nail polish!! thanks for linking up for the aloha friday hop :)

    1. I love the gold polish too! Thanks for stopping by! :D

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  5. great DIY! i've been loving galaxy print. they're really cool. i hope you get well soon! it sucks being sick. take all the rest you need and drink all your medications! :D

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    1. Thanks! I will definitely be taking all my medications.

  6. Wow! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I am happy to join your blog and follow you! Would you like to follow me back?

  7. Love this post & love your blog! Can't wait to see more from you (: Followed you on bloglovin'!


    1. Thanks for the follow! I'm following you via bloglovin! :)

  8. I love the galaxy theme! These turned out great :)

    Found you threw the followers to friends hop

    Beauty Flawed

  9. the galaxy trend is definitely awesome, I have a pair of galaxy leggings I love! and you did an awesome job with those earrings!


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