Goals I want to achieve before I turn 28

by - 3/30/2013


  • Get married. Because like 1/4 of my class of 2005 is already married. I don't feel like this is a big deal, but it would be kind of sad if I had to go to my high school reunion by myself. But seeing as how I'm super picky I don't think this will happen for a long while. Or if it does happen, I will have to marry someone who doesn't live in the USA. 
  • Have a steady career. This is a big one for myself. Not saying I enjoy the 8-5 grind, but I kind of miss it. Wtf is wrong with me?
  • Get implanted eye surgery. This might be kind of disgusting for some of you, but I really hate wearing my glasses, and since my eye sight is so bad, it's going to be pricey. The reason why it's so expensive is because I can't get regular lasik since my eyes are so bad, I have to get implants. I went to the lasik center a couple years ago, and they quoted me for $4,000 per eye. That's freaking ridiculous  I'm hoping the price of this drops so I can finally get my eyes fixed. 
  • Move out of my parent's place. This is the only place I've lived since I was a child, and it's hard, but I kind of want to leave the nest. I never even moved out for college. My brother has all the good experiences, of moving 2 hours away, which now that I hear that out loud it doesn't sound so far, but I never had the chance to experience normal things. Maybe it's because I'm the oldest, and my parents are always expecting me to stick close by. (By the way I have friends who are in their 30's and they haven't moved out, and I have friends who are younger than me that have moved out) 
  • Buy a brand new car. I think this is a big deal to a lot of you out there who are young and want to be independent. I've only bought used cars in the past, and getting myself a brand new car would be great. 
  • Go back to school, and get the degree I wanted in the first place! Now this is not really a goal as much as it is a dream. I hated college, and if I had to go back, I kind of want to go back because I need to. Not because I want to. (Not saying that I didn't make friends, but it felt like a majority of the people I met in college, I only knew for one semester and then afterwards it was like we always lost contact). 
  • I've been thinking about this list for a long time. I've been slowly adding goals for myself. And not because there was a mean girl in high school who stole boys that I liked away from me, and I want to show her up at our high school reunion. *Cough*

    I like to think everyone has goals they set for themselves before they hit a certain age, and I'm going to be 26 this year (where did the years go?).

    What are some goals you set for yourself? I would love to hear about them! 

    P.S. Can it please be summer already? I want to put up my new layout!
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    1. good luck with the goals!




    2. Beautiful post!!! Like very much you put your metas!!!!

    3. Great post! I think I have some similar goals to you. ^^

    4. girl, don't rush marriage. it'll happen when the moment is absolutely perfect. 28 was a wonderful year for me xx

    5. These are all huge goals-good luck!

      <3 Melissa

    6. Very nice post :)

      It is always great to learn more about u

      Hope u succeed in everything you wish for


      Coline ♡

    7. Don't worry summer is coming! These are great goals, I hope you get what you are wishing for!

    8. Good luck!!! :)

    9. awww good luck with your list, girl! :)

      Sandy a la Mode

    10. I love the goals :) always good to have them. Might inspire me for goals for the next year or two, thanks!

      Best of luck with your goals as well

      xo Haylee

    11. I totally know what you mean. I'm a year or so younger than you but I'm so attached to my parents. They expect me to be there all the time and while I don't mind that, I also really want to live my own life.

    12. Hey I'm like you with the whole lack of life experiences of living on your own and whatnot. I'm one of the middle children though, my older sister was the one who got to move away for University. I can relate to what you're saying though. And hey no worries about the whole marriage thing. Life happens when you least expect it. Trust me.

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    14. That's a cool post idea ! I also want to get married before I'm 28. Actually I'd love to start trying to have a baby at that age if all my other projects go well. I totally understand your eye surgery and I hope you will get it. My aunt had one because she hated to wear her glasses too. Took her years to gather the money but no regrets. So good luck with that ! Also for your degree ♥

    15. i really enjoyed reading your goals, and it's very nice to see that someone having solid plan for themselves, something to look forward to and achieve <3

      would you like to follow each other on bloglovin'?

    16. OH wow! My sis in law can't get lasik either - but I get why you would want it! My husband was real bad (like -13 or something, maybe +13, I dunno) and it was hilariously terrible when he wore glasses and he had a real sensitiity to contacts. It ook like an hour for him to get htem in and out....

      These are really really great goals! I wouldn't rush on getting married - it's not always the best thing keep in mind! Married people envy single people a lot.

    17. I really like your goals and can relate to most of them lol. We graduated the same year! :P I want to get married by then too...I want to get a place of our own and get married. I think those are the two main goals I'm semi-focusing on right now...
      Good luck with everything! You can achieve these! <3

    18. Great goals. I wish you good luck in achieving them!

      LA By Diana Live Magazine

    19. Gosh that's an awful lot for Lasik!! I hope something changes for you. Just a warning, that mean girl from high school will most likely still be mean, just older and more bitter :).

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    21. Good luck with your goals :) I've never thought about my future that way, but it's nice to see such determination :)


      Style & Expect

    22. i love your goals , wish best of luck in making them true .

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    23. This post is sooo cute! Good luck on your goals, Denysia :)

      xx, Mela

    24. { Fashion4Ever.pl }April 27, 2013 at 5:22 AM

      there's no such hurry. 28 is sooooo young!
      still good luck on all your goals!



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