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I've been in love with the color mint green for the last couple of years. So of course I felt like at some point, I would need to make a mint lookbook of some of my favorite items from one of my favorite online shopping websites: Romwe! (If you want to find these items, just type in mint in the search box.) Let me tell you why I love this website: 

1. They have pretty fast shipping. I ordered my items on a saturday night, and it came within 10 days! Which is amazing, seeing as how it came from China. (I've had problems with packages taking 2 months to come in!)
2. They have a nice selection of items, and the good thing is that they give measurements of everything, so if you want something but you're not sure if it's going to fit, pull out the measuring tape, and measure!
3. They are always updating their inventory with amazing clothes.
4. FREE SHIPPING! Need I say more? 

Now I will have to admit that some of their items seem a little more expensive than forever21, but I really love the items I've ordered so far. I'll be doing a quick lookbook with a couple more items that I picked up in the next couple of weeks, Look out for that!

What are some of your favorite picks for this June?

*I was not sponsored by Romwe for this post, but I do really love their selection of items!*

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  1. I love mint!! I desperately want mint Hunter boots with a matching umbrella!

    xo Becky

  2. You should link up all this pretty mint with my linkup from yesterday. ; )

  3. Lovely inspiration! Great summer color!

  4. sooo pretty! i love all things mint!!!!

  5. I'll have to check this site out! I love the color choices! That skirt with the flowers on the bottom is my favorite

  6. i love mint =).. my fave is the dress. so cute!!


  7. I love mint green! I'm getting married in a mint green dress!

  8. I love the look of mint! Wow those shoes look hot!

  9. A picked out some great things featuring 2 of my favorite trends, the sheer trend and the mint trend, oh yeah that is what I 'm sayin

  10. Mint is the such a beautiful color... I hope it never goes out of style! These are great picks! I've never bought anything from Romwe before. They sure have a lot of cute stuff... is the quality pretty good too? Thanks for sharing!



    PS- thank you SO much for the thoughtful words you left on my blog about Grace. Thank you for thinking of her and wishing our family well :)


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