July 2013 Sponsorship Spotlight

by - 7/31/2013

Hi everyone! So this is going to be the last sponsorship spotlight post on this blog. Passionfruitads is going to be charging for their services starting on September 1st. So I took the app off of this blog, and I will no longer be offering free swaps. Which sucks because if I had a choice, I would continue to offer free ad spaces. But with Passionfruitads starting to charge for their services, I don't see how that's going to be possible. Especially since I've just reopened my Etsy shop, and I'm putting in a lot of money into that.
L Kind of Day
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Oodles of Time is about life in Houston and all of the awkward moments I come across in marriage and relationships. "Lifestyle" blogs can sometimes get a bad rep, but I've found that we can all relate to each other in some way. I love to share those I-Know-What-You-Mean experiences with my readers!
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I blog about creative and inspirational things that make me happy: photography, crafts, fashion, interiorism, living at home, gardening... that's what La Caseta de Paper is about. I also love handmade products, so I try to promote small Etsy shops and artists who create things with love. I like to say that my blog is my happy place of the Internet, where I can post about all those things that make me smile.

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I create jewelry and greeting cards at my shop Eternal Girl. My jewelry is made of my own hand-drawn designs. Each drawing features an object that has specific symbolism to henna tradition. I make black or colored designs, and can do custom orders.
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Hi, I'm Jessica and I own COSDesign. My shop is dedicated to Etsy graphic design, digital paper and printables, and social media design. Feel free to use code: THANKYOU15 to receive 15% off in the Etsy Shop! http://cosdesign.etsy.com
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Dream big! Reach for the stars! I'm Jane Heinrichs and I'm a children's book illustrator. I also blog about my life, my creative journey, and my nomadic life living on three continents.  Please come and join me for the adventure!  And hopefully you'll be inspired along the way.

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  1. La Caseta de PaperAugust 1, 2013 at 1:50 AM

    Thanks for the spotlight <3

  2. Seriously.. i thought they still had the free feature but were not going to start charging for their more advance features.. going to have to cancel now :(

  3. Oh well that's good to know.... I didn't realize they would be charging for everything! Thanks for the head's up.

  4. Umm sooo wait you have to PAY for advertisers to "advertise" on your site? Aren't they supposed to pay you I mean isn't that the point?

    Ali of


  5. It's really a bummer about Passionfruit, especially since I had just started using it. But oh well. Your July sponsors are all really great. Thanks for introducing me to some new blogs and shops. =0)

  6. Aww it's such a lovely blogpost, pity about the Passiofruit ad.. Do you mind if we follow each other ? (: do let me know on my blog (: xx


  7. The drawings look absolutely lovely! <3

    Much love ! xx



  8. Thank you so much for the feature!!! Everyone looks great! I'm going to close my Passionfruit as well. Fortunately, I switched over to Adproval and everything seems to work out great. The only difference is it doesn't provide a directory the way Passionfruit does. It's still nice that I don't have to keep track of the buttons though! Thanks again! :)


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