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Hi everyone! So it's time once again for the sponsorship spotlight here! I usually try to schedule these posts the last day of the month, but yesterday was the last day of the month, and I didn't want to put up two posts so close together. For those of you guys who are asking, I'm going to be switching over to Wordpress in July. The URL will still be the same, and if you check out my blogspot.com URL it will redirect to the Wordpress blog. Hopefully everything will work out! Thank you for being on this blogging journey with me! And this month's question is what is the song that would describe your summer?

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Hi, my name is Kelly Rae and I'm a blogger over at Foxes in the Graveyard.  I blog about my illustrative artwork, our little family and things I love.

A song that best describes my summer would have to be: Catbird's Where will you be.

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I'm Anna. I'm in my twenties and run a handmade business, Move the Needle, that sells handcrafted paper items such as greeting cards and journals. If you want to get 10% off any order, enter the coupon code "THREAD".

A song that best describes my summer would have to be:  Beach Boys' Wouldn't It Be Nice.

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Hi y'all, my name is Taylor and I blog over at Live and Move. I'm a college student who's not completely sure where I'm going. I blog to remind myself and others to enjoy getting there, wherever there is. You'll find musings, DIYs, fashion, and whatever else catches my fancy. Stop by and stay awhile if you like!

Hi everyone! I am Lauren from Pink on the Cheek. I'm the goofball on the rock, holding my fiance, hoping I don't get swept away by a wave. I blog about fun tutorials for your blog (how to make a blog button, how to make a monogram wallpaper for your Iphone...) and my journey to the alter! 
I'm Vivika, I'm in my mid-twenties and I am a graphic designer. I really love crochet! Some youtube videos, a hook and a yarn ball was the beginning of this story. Tons of hearts and bows where made and then, cute creatures. I love making tiny animals, giving them names, stories and a good home ;)

A song that best describes my summer would have to be: Sally Seltmann's Heart That's Pounding

And for those of you who want to get into the sponsor spotlight, please check out my sponsor page! I have free ad spaces and swaps!

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  1. Your switching? Was thinkin of doing the same...just such a hassle...looking forward to seeing the new site!


  2. Amanda {feast.fashion.faves}July 1, 2013 at 10:54 PM

    This is a really cool highlight on your sponsors!! Love the quick caption!

  3. Awww why are you switching? I still have you
    on my Bloglovin' :P You've got some interesting
    bloggers in the spotlight! My summer song is:

    Corinne Bailey Rae - Put your records on

    Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  4. Great post found some new blogs , so thank you and I hope you have a smooth transition .

  5. soawwwwesome.blogspot.comJuly 2, 2013 at 8:07 AM

    I really like your blog! great post :)

  6. Great blogs!


  7. So bummed that I missed being included in the sponsor spotlight again this month (maybe next time I'll be able to do it). All of the featured sponsors look fabulous!

  8. This is so great! I love discovering new blogs. If you'll be self hosting on wordpress I did the switch recently and am happy to answer any questions you might have, just send me an email!

  9. Aw great post! Such a great way to discover other blogs!

  10. These look like some great blogs! Thank you for the new reading material!

  11. Great blog post ^-^

    LISA, www.xoxolove-e.blogspot.com


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