The Happy List #1

by - 10/27/2013

Hi everyone! Sorry to leave all of my readers behind, but something happened last weekend, which prevented me from blogging. My laptop of 4 years, decided to die. Which was sad and a little tragic, but it's alright. I've already ordered a new MacBook. So I'm hoping that it comes in by the middle of next week. My mom brought me a tablet to use for this weekend, and so far it's alright. It's the Surface Pro 2. And it runs on Windows 8, which I do not like. I don't like the format, and how it always freezes up every couple of minutes. Anyway, enough about my problems. I'm going to be writing about the happy list today. Which I found though Gia, who got it from Camie. Check out their blogs!

1. Getting my MacBook pro in next week! This is going to be very exciting for me. Haha.
2. Getting my new business cards in the mail this weekend! YAY!
3. Possibly getting my online order of clothes in this upcoming week. Fingers crossed. (Wow, I'm getting in a lot of packages this week)
4. Getting to decorate my new office space in the upcoming weeks. (I'm going to be buying a desk, chair, some cabinets, and moving a couple things around)
5. Cooking new foods up in the next week.
6. Pasta Alla Cheeca. Enough said.
7. Sleeping in till 9:30. Getting up and then working.
8. Walking, and running each day. (I've actually not been doing this as much since the weather has been getting chiller)
9. This cold fall season! I can't wait to break out the sweaters, and jackets.
10. Hanging out with my two best (guy and girl) friends.
11. Filming some new videos for my youtube channel, with the besties!
12. Hot Cocoa. And Pumpkin Pancakes. You can never go wrong with pumpkin pancakes.
13. Playing games on my iPhone, reading ebooks on my iPhone, and watching videos on my iPhone before I go to sleep.

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