Instagram Monthly | December's Festivites

by - 12/31/2013

So this past month and the end of November have been a little exciting to say the least. These pictures are in no particular order. I just tried to put them in the frames as well as I could.

1. I got some movie tickets and a Jamba Juice card // 2. I enjoy snacking on some edamame every once in a while.  // 3. Selfie. I only wore eyeliner, did my eyebrows, and put on some gloss. // 4. Eating some egg tarts while watching Castle season 4! (By the way I'm almost done with season 5!) // 5. My French vanilla ice cream with homemade salted caramel sauce on top.  // 6. My mushroom burger from Red Robin's for my mom's birthday dinner! // 7. I got a new candle in from And it smells so good.  // 8. Cookie butter from Trader Joe's. Can it get any better? // 9. My salted caramel chai tea latte from Trader Joe's. // 10. I picked up some of these amazing Real Technique brushes from Ulta this weekend. // 11. I upgraded to the iPhone 5s in late November, and I realized that I didn't have a picture to show my Instagram followers. // 12. Gingerbread man cookie with gingerbread man hands.

Stayed tuned for a review of the Real Technique brushes, and hopefully more Instagram monthly posts. I'm hoping to start off 2014 with monthly posts of this column! :)

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