Inspirational Monthly | Coconut Water

by - 1/24/2014

I've been really loving this song, since I heard it on Claire Marshall's MAC lipstick video. This song is so good that I have this song on my favorite playlist. 

I've been craving beef noodles for a while, so when I got some, it was so delicious! If you haven't tried Taiwanese beef noodles, you must go and try it! I personally think that my dad's is probably the best I've ever had, compared to the restaurant ones. 

I've been really loving Rebecca Minkoff's handbags. I currently have two of them, and I use the mini 5 zip all the time. I also have the Craig camera bag. I want to get a bigger bag from her collection, and I was looking at the MAB mini. 
I've been drinking a lot of coconut water. And it's amazing! I usually buy mine from Trader Joe's. They have a pretty good price for a 33.8 oz for $2.99! And the good thing is that it isn't from concentrate. 

I have been obsessed with Brandy Melville sweaters for a while now. I have two of them, but I want more! They are just so comfy, and they are amazingly soft. 
I love this necklace. I mean how easy would it be if I went out and some random guy hit on me, and I don't want his attention, to just point to my necklace. Haha. 

What has been inspiring you this past month? 

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