Real Technique Brushes First Impression & Review

by - 1/17/2014

I've been looking into picking up some new brushes. I did a little research online, and I found out that Real Technique brushes are inexpensive, and they are easily accessible for me. So I picked some of them up. I bought the gold set for $17.99 and the Stippling brush for $9.99. And I always have my RetailMeNot app on my iPhone, so I got a discount of 20% off at Ulta. So in total I paid $24.39 with tax. Which in my opinion is not bad for 5 brushes, compared to Sigma's Basic Face kit which is going for $76. (I have the set of Essential Sigma brushes)

I knew that the one set I really wanted was the Core Collection, because I find face makeup to be more important. I love how soft the brushes are, however I don't like the case. I just don't find it useful, unless I want to show off my brushes. And since I don't usually show off my brushes I don't really see the point of the case. Overall the brushes are very nice though.

I also picked up the Real Techniques stippling brush. The reason being was because they only had one in stock at my local Ulta, and I like to think that if they sold out except for one, that it must be pretty popular right? It was really between this brush and their setting brush. But they had a couple of the setting brushes, so I'm planning on going back to pick some of those up in the next couple of weeks.

These brushes are made out of synthetic hairs, but they are amazingly soft. And I love how they are color coded to help you with your makeup. For instance the gold ones are for your face. And the pink ones are for your powder makeup products. And the purple are for your eyes.

Comparison to my Sigma and my E.L.F. brushes. These brushes are not only smaller and compact they also can stand on their own, without falling over, because of their flat bottoms. Now I found out that the pink brushes stand a little more steadier than the gold ones. But the pink brushes are mostly sold individually. And these brushes seem to dry faster after I washed them than any of my other brushes.

If you have these brushes, what are your thoughts on them? And if you don't have them, which ones would you like to pick up?

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