Instagram Monthly | June 2014 (My birthday month)

by - 6/27/2014

I have a ton of pictures to show you. Well technically not a ton, but there was around 40 + pictures, and I'm only going to be showing you guys 36 of the pictures. Haha. Ready, set, go!

The Food:
photo 1
Made some fish tacos, ended up gobbling these down! // Blueberries and tea! // Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia but in froyo form! // Made some really good thai curry. Curry was from TJ's* // Made some hamburgers and potato salad for the brother // I don't like drinking soda, but give me unsweetened ice tea any day // Some more tea // I'm not even Asian. I eat my baked egg rolls with ketchup // Since @essiebutton loves olives, I decided to try 'em out!

The Stuff:
photo 2
Finally decided to burn this candle from // My newest toy! Canon T3i. // Working on some projects. // Decided that when Mystery Guy decides to propose to me, he'll need to match up to a big ring like this one. // Snatched these boots from my closet, fixed them up, and now they are in rotation. // Typically outfit for a night out on the town. // My favorite pair of GAP 1969 ripped jeans // Mom brought back some Barry M polishes for me to try out. // Got my mini remote in for the new Canon T3i!

More Stuff:
photo 4
I swear this is not how my bathroom counter looks like usually. // I'm going to be at PhamExpo! If you attend, and you see me, come up and say: Hi! :) // My giveaway package from! // LOVE this dark red nail color from Nicka K. Thanks Beauty Box 5! // My new setup with my TV connected to my laptop // Got in a couple of new lip colors from L'oreal. // Zara is coming! So excited! // I also purchased some new fabrics to make some pretty stuff for the shop // Working on some new exciting projects! Stay tuned. :D

Me, myself, and I:
photo 3
Decided to try out the Tessa Altman flyaway. // Me + Glasses = Nerdy Denysia // Taken right before my haircut. // Sometimes you just feel lazy. And this was one of those days. // #throwbackthursday to 3 years ago, on my birthday weekend. Good times with best friends, and guys! // Pre-birthday dinner #OOTD // Pre-Birthday FOTD. // #waybackwednesday to that time I bought this dress, and never wore it. // Simple makeup does it. Lips, and eyebrows only.

Whew. That was a long post for an instagram monthly! I posted a lot more this month, because I decided to say F that, and buy the VSCOcam Limited Time Preset Collection for $5.99. Because I had a $10 iTunes gift card.


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  1. Awwww lovely snaps c: The first
    round really made me hungry haha,
    and nice new camera girl! Xx

  2. Jens Ken LundstromJune 28, 2014 at 8:51 AM delicious things in your pics!
    a little late:Happy Birthday!

  3. Keep posting these, your pics are awesome!

  4. Cool photos.


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