My most used apps on the iPhone

by - 6/09/2014

I thought maybe some of you might enjoy these app related posts. I did one on bokeh apps, and one on my favorite picture apps. And so it is only fitting that I do a post on some of my other apps. I upgraded to the iPhone 5s at the end of November, and while the screen is bigger, and the touch fingerprint, there wasn't that much difference between this phone and my 4s. Some of these apps, I've had since my 4s, so of course when I picked up the 5s, I had to download these apps again.

Facebook - This is a must have app for me. Well when I'm bored, I like to scroll through my friend's updates, and the occasional head lining story.
iBooks - Because I can't get enough of reading. And this app is good for me, when I'm doing something like walking, and I want to read something quick.
Instagram - For those of you who can't stop taking pictures of everything. Nuff said.
Runkeeper - My app of choice for exercise.
Chrome - I like to have the option of Safari or Chrome.
Convert Free - This app is good for converting anything. Even currency.
Paypal Here - This app is good for those business transactions that take place in public.
Slice - I really like tracking my packages, so this app is a must for me.
Google Translate - For those times that I need a little help with Chinese, or French.

Poshmark - To sell those clothes that I don't want anymore.
RetailMeNot - A good app for coupons. And saving money!
Sephora - I have this app for when I go into the store, and I want to look up items on my wishlist.
Shazam - A good app that will tell you which song is playing.
TV Guide - I always want to know what's on TV next.
Youtube - This app gets neglected the most out of all my entertainment apps. But I still use this app every once in a while.

And the obvious apps I have are Facebook messenger and Find iPhone. Because I would be really sad if somehow I lost my phone in public. What are some of your favorite productive apps?


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  1. i need an app that converts currency. and temperature!!

  2. That app can convert anything! It can convert temperature as well! :)

  3. Great most used apps :D My Mail, Notes and Instagram are the most used on mine lol

  4. I also use FourSquare a lot - definitely helps finding great places that are nearby!

  5. Nice list! My daily apps are Mail, Instagram, VSCO cam, Wordpress, Peek calendar (nice sleek looking calendar) & Facebook. I'll certainly take a look at Slice and Poshmark. Btw, so fun the 11 pending FB notifications on your screen capture, so true!

  6. I think the biggest difference between the 4s and 5s besides the bigger screen is the camera. For me that would be the reason to upgrade better picture quality. And yuppers i have most of these apps!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  7. Notes and Instagram are the most used on mine lol

  8. Great choices! No Twitter though? Like your translate app, still looking for a good one myself...

  9. Haha, no Twitter! I usually just go on my browser and access Twitter through there. :)


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