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I seriously love this song. I've been listening to it non stop for the last week. Amazing tempo, and even more amazing vocals. 

I've been frying up french fries for the last several weeks. I think I've perfected the best french fries! Not soggy but crispy, and with a dash of pepper to give your fries that amazing kick! 
photo (2)
I've seriously been lusting after the earmes chair for a while now. I think it would make an excellent addition to my home office. It's modern with a twist of traditional with the wooden legs. 
Other than water, I drink a lot of tea. Currently drinking TKO weight loss tea. Just started drinking this tea, so give me a little bit of time before I decide if this tea is a good weight loss tea. I've heard of tea detoxes, but this is something I've never tried before. Will let you all know how well this works out for me. So far, I've lost around 16 pounds since I decided that 2014 was going to get it's ass kicked by me!
I caved in and bought a pair of aztec print shorts. I know, I know it's a trend. But it's been so hot over here in SoCal, that honestly, I can't see myself wearing anything other than shorts until early October. What do you think about the ones below? Yes or no?
I've been admiring some amazing jewelry for a while. Some of which haven't been released yet, like Jamie Chung's jewelry line. But seriously can we just admire the jewelry for a second here? By the way, I actually met Jamie at my previous job. She wasn't as big of an actress back then, I think she was only in a couple of movies, and TV shows back then. Congrats on the engagement to Bryan!


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  1. Wow how neat that you meat Jamie Chung. She seems really down to earth. I love her in Once Upon a Time. She's a great Mulan!

    Saw that you were making fries on your IG! Yum!!

  2. Nice picks! I like that chair and I like cooking my own french fries too. BTW I also joined Big Blog Exchange and voted for you also. After all, we're representing different countries :))


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