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by - 12/30/2014

Hey guys! So if you haven't seen my previous blog post, I have been trying to eat better, and cleaner. So today I present to you Activz. I've been drinking their Greens Smoothie, and it tastes as good as my own green smoothie, maybe even better, because it comes out smooth, as opposed to having chunks. And this is for all of you who ate like a bunch of ham, and other yummy stuff for christmas, and are starting to think, oh hey, new year's resolutions are coming up!

I use a magic bullet to blend my drinks, because it's a lot easier to just get one serving. I will usually put in a banana, some frozen fruit, ice, green smoothie powder, and water and juice, and then I blend away. I love products like Activz that are quick solutions for the everyday working person. Sometimes you just don't have time to grab all those things from your fridge, chop them up, put them through the juicer, and then put it into the blender. For those days, there's this!

And yes the container might look small, but you don't need that much powder to make a drink. I usually use two scoops, and sometimes I only use one. If you have a chance, check out Activz's website for more info on how you can start eating cleaner.

By the way in case you guys were wondering, no my blog is not turning into a health & fitness blog, I'm still very much into beauty, and lifestyle. I have a couple of beauty posts lined up for the upcoming year! So stay tuned!

**NOTE: I wanted to clear some stuff up about the last post I did, about the Italian sodas, Tiffany mentioned how they are extremely unhealthy to be drinking on a daily basis. I just want to clear the air and let all of my readers know that I DO NOT drink one of those everyday, I only drink one every week, or on the weekend. And once I have run out of half and half I actually don't drink them anymore for at least a couple of months. I believe that moderation is key, and if you want to drink one a day be prepared to work off those calories.**

*Activz sent me the product to try out. This is my honest opinion*


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