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by - 2/04/2015

So I don't know what happened to my December BeautyBox5, but it never came in. It made me a little sad, seeing as how there was suppose to be some cool stuff in it, but alas, it is forever gone. Anyway, so I got in January's BeautyBox5 a week ago, and I like a lot of the stuff that they put in January's box (For some reason, I just really like having shampoos and body washes in my boxes!).

Coastal Scents eyeshadows - I can totally see myself wearing the neutral shades in this quad of eyeshadows. I think these are smaller than their actual size eyeshadows that come in the palettes, but they are pretty and they seem like a good combo of colors.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips - Now I don't often use these types of nail strips on my nails. I had bought some from walgreens like a long time ago, and they were good for the first 4 days or so. I might be including these in a giveaway to give some of my international readers a chance to try these out.

UltraFlesh Mascara - I don't wear mascara often, because I wear contacts, and I find that if I end up wearing mascara throughout the day, my eyes have a tendency to get irritated. But this mascara is very pretty because the packaging is gold! I saw this and I was like wtf?! This is so cool! I'm not sure if they make any other types of cosmetics, because I tried doing a search on them and all that came up was their twitter, and facebook page, but if they do end up making palettes, and lip products, I will definitely be picking some of them up! I do appreciate that BeautyBox5 sends me sample sized products, because these are always good to carry around when I'm traveling.

Softsoap Bodywash - I seriously don't know what it is about getting body wash products in these boxes that excites me that most?? Anyway, I seriously love these because they are compact, and I just like using these.

Garnier Fructis shampoo - I've been a big fan of garnier fructis since I was in highschool, so seeing this in January's box was like a happy moment for me.

I did swatches of the eyeshadows so you can see how they look. They are pretty pigmented, and they are very creamy. I can imagine putting these on wet!

What do you think about January's BeautyBox5?

*I was sent a box to review. This in no way affects my opinion on their products*


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  1. What! I think you should email Beautybox5 about the missing
    December one o:
    The January box however looks pretty neat c: Especially the
    bodywash and the shampoo by Garnier c: Xx

  2. I did email them, and they said that they weren't sure what happened... :(

  3. Hey that beauty box looks pretty good. I so want to experiment with bright eye shadows.

    Allie of ALLIENYC


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