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Hey guys! So today I wanted to talk to you about summer and tanning. Now I know what you guys are thinking: "Do I really need to wear SPF?" Yes you do, and in case you guys are like me and burn easily, I have the perfect remedy for you!
Aloe Vera + Matcha Green Tea Remedy for Burned Skin: 
If you don't have an actual aloe vera plant like you, you can easily pick up a tub of aloe vera gel at Walmart, or on First off let's talk about the amazing things that green tea can help you with, it can help restore skin and give it an amazing glow, which you will need after you are burned. It also is amazing for those of you who have dull looking skin, or if you are extremely oily, or dry (it basically can help restore your skin so that it's more normal as opposed to oily or dry)
This is what the aloe vera looks like after I've skinned it. 
Now this really depends on how big of a spot you got sunburned, so if you got like your entire back or your entire front, I would say you would need a couple tablespoons of both. I try to measure it out 1:1 ratio. I chopped up the aloe vera pieces with the spoon, or if you wanted to, you can easily chop it up on a cutting board, and then put it back into the bowl. IMG_1786
I put a Tablespoon worth of matcha green tea into the mix!
Mix, and if you need to, add a little bit of water to the mix to get it to be more of a paste like consistency. And ta-da! The final product! Now I know it's not appealing to be putting this stuff on your body, but trust me, once it's on, your skin will thank you!
For those of you who are wondering what else green tea can help you out with, I've included a list of pretty cool stuff you can do with green tea below:
Check out Natural Remedies: Green Tea for Your Body
by Denysia Yu at Mode


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