My updated skincare routine!


Hey guys! I'm always changing out what I use as skincare products, because I'm always looking for the next best thing for my skin. I've been using Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion since 2010, and that's one of my staples. As for everything else, I do try to change out my cleanser, toner, and I try to use different types of masks. These are some of my favorites right now: 
I've been using cleansing water since I picked up the 500ml bottle of Bioderma. I was super shocked when I took a pad and then removed my makeup in less than 2 minutes. I don't usually wear makeup, because it's been so hot over here in SoCal. I picked up my bottle of Bioderma in Little Tokyo, but if you are not close to LA, or if you are located somewhere else, and want a cheaper option, you can try out Simple's cleansing water
I picked up 4 bottles of the travel size Fresh Soy Cleanser. Since Caroline sent me a small sample of their cleanser, I've been seriously loving it. I don't know if other beauty bloggers have described the smell, but it smells like grass. But after you wash your face, it feels nice and fresh. 
I don't tone my face every day, because I don't usually remember to do it. I know wtf. Anyway, the two toners that I like to use are Rodan + Fields Redefine pore minimizing toner, and the Dermalogica clear start all over toner. I usually switch it out when I remember to use toner. I prefer to use toner in a spray bottle because I don't like wasting so many cotton pads. 
I don't do masks everyday but when I get a chance I do like to use a clay mask. I like these because I can use it right before I take a shower, so when I jump into the shower, I can easily wash it off. I do like using sheet masks as well, but I usually like to use those after showering. 

Let me know what your favorite skincare items are right now! 
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