Ark Beauty - Britain's Newest Skincare Line!


Hey there blog, long time no see! For those of you who are wondering what happened to me during this summer... Life happened to me. First off one of my friends had to get married, so I was not technically a bridesmaid, but I was kind of forced into helping out? I guess you would say... Anyway, so long story short, there were a lot of issues, and I got a job. So that basically summed up why I was away from my blog for so long. 
Today, I'm going to be reviewing a new brand called Ark Beauty. Now for those of you who are like, what's Ark Beauty? Ark Beauty is a skincare company that's made in Britain, and seriously you guys, I'm in love with their masque
For those of you who are curious as to what this smells like, I would have to say that it just smells natural. And when I first applied this masque on my face, I was like omg, this feels like vaseline, but surprisingly enough even though it felt like vaseline on my face, when it washed away, there was no sticky feeling. 
This moisturizer has the same type of smell. It just smells natural. When I first got in this moisturizer, I was like how do I use this thing? And seriously guys, I thought I was suppose to pull the rubber thing on the top off, but no, all you do is put your hand on top of this container, and push down, and the moisturizer just dispenses out. 
For those of you who are wondering where you can purchase Ark Beauty here is a link
I would have to give the products 5 stars, because not only does it make my skin feel amazing, I can see an improvement on how my skin is now compared to before. Honestly, my dark circles are almost gone, and my skin feels tighter! 
What would you guys like to try from Ark Beauty


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