A Little Bit About Me:
Hello everyone! My name is Denysia. It's pronounced Duh-Knee-Sha. And yes that is my real name. I was born on June 18th, 1987. I'm Taiwanese-American. Which means my family is from Taiwan, but I was born in the USA.

I've been a avid blogger since I was in middle school. I started out making graphics, and messing around with Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. I took a break from blogging while I was in college. I decided to blog again in 2008, because I wanted to have an outlet for my beauty obsession. I opened hellodenysia.blogspot.com. It went pretty well, until I decided to change the name to denysiayu.com. I then took a break from early 2011 to fall of 2012. It was then that I decided to redesign my blog, and make it That L.A. it Girl.

I enjoy taking pictures when I get a chance. I purchased a compact system camera in 2011, a Panasonic GF-2. And I loved using it. It was a small camera that still had a lens that could be changed out. I also started to use Instagram in winter of 2011. Since June 2014, I've switched to a Canon T3i, because it's natural for a person to progress and grow their camera equipment as times goes on. I'm not saying that I'm a professional when it comes to photography. I have friends who take pictures professionally, and I'm not up to their standards whatsoever. I just enjoy clicking away when I get a chance.

I have a variety of hobbies. I enjoy cooking, a lot. Though I have to admit after I cook I'm not that hungry to eat what I've cooked, and I usually end up giving all of my food to my brother. I also enjoy doing DIY projects. I really enjoy making jewelry, and fixing up little stuff in my office. I'm also an avid fan of TV shows.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please check out my FAQ, where I respond to commonly asked questions, Like how tall I really am, and what I can't live without.