Some of my favorite picture apps on iPhone! (Featuring a ton of bokeh apps)

by - 9/01/2012

Hey everyone! So I thought it would be good to share with you guys what my favorite picture apps of all time are! (By the way all these apps are free! I think the only app that might cost money is the frames app, but when I downloaded it, it was free) And in case you guys are wondering, the only app I don't cover is the splice app, and the only reason is because that's a random video app I downloaded so I could edit my videos on my iPhone. I don't consider that to be a photography app.

First app that I've actually had since I got my iPhone is the Decopic app. This app is pretty cute, I think. You can put cute stamps and stuff on your pictures. I really like this app, because I can actually put text on my picture! And you can pick what color, and what font you want! (I wrote the text original on the first picture with the Decopic app!) Too lazy to take a picture of the app. Besides if you really want, you can just download this app, and see for yourself, because this app is in English!
Second app is the InFrameFoto app. This is just a regular frame photo app. Nothing interesting. I can do shit like this below, put pictures into 4 little squares.

The third app is the moreBeaute2 app. This app is freaking amazing! It makes my skin look so flawless, and amazing! It really is beauty at it's best. I've included before and after pictures. (Can you see my pores in the first picture? Wtf? They are huge!)
A little lighter
I look so perfect! Hahaha. 
The fourth app is called MoreNoel. This app is cute, because you can put stars or bubbles on your app. So far I really love the bubbles! I've used the star filter, but for some reason I think the bubble filter is way cuter!  Be warned, don't use the moreBeaute2 app and this app together, because then you will get the following picture, a super pale vampire like girl!

The fifth app is called FilterMania 2. It has a couple of cute filters on it, that I would suggest you check out! The filter below is my favorite of all of them! I just wish that you could pick the color of the filter. Like maybe instead of blue like below, I could do something like purple?

The sixth app is the pixlromatic app. This app has a couple of bokeh type filters. (Which in case you guys were wondering, I am in love with!) This is probably my least favorite app, because first of all when I put this filter on my face, I look like a freaking vampire. I'm going to suck your blood out. Wtf.

The seventh app I have is called PhotoWonder. This app also has a couple of bokeh filters in it. I really like the filter below!

The eighth app is called pick. I'm pretty sure this app is equivalent to Japan's version of instagram. Even though I don't understand why you wouldn't just use instagram, it's not like it's blocked in Japan. Wtf. Anyway, I love this app because you don't have to upload if you don't want to, you can just save the picture, It automatically saves! So yay for that! (The cool thing about this app, is if you click on the filter a couple of times, the filter changes. Not sure how else to explain this, if I don't put it in video form, but you get the idea)

And last but not least, the ninth and final app that I just downloaded this past week, is called 美图秀秀. I'm not sure what this app is called in English but it has a couple of good bokeh filters too! By the way if you can't understand Chinese, this app can be a little confusing at the beginning, but I got used to it real soon. About five minutes after playing with the app. Lol. (Can you tell how obsessed I am with bokeh like filters now?) The first picture, is the home screen or the start up screen for this app. Basically I've written out what everything is, in case you can't read it in Chinese. (I'm 100% certain that what I've written is not the same as the words above, but whatever. I checked google translate, and it is not the same at all!)

This is the Frame Photo section! This part is very similar to InFrameFoto which I talked about above. I like this part of the app because it looks cute, and they allow you to keep the size of your original picture, as opposed to making your picture into a square.

My favorite part of this app, is the Liquify and it is just amazing! By the way the first picture is the before shot.

 Final picture, with the effects of bokeh! :)

Look at the difference! Isn't it amazing? I'm not saying that my face is fat, but whenever I take my pictures at a certain angle, it does look a little big. 

I've been in love with bokeh like filters since I signed up for Instagram. I told myself, that I would never be one of those girls who got an iPhone, and sell my soul to apple, but whatever, I think it's worth it now. I love instagram, and these crazy cute photography apps.

By the way these apps have way more than just bokeh filters. But that's one of the things, I love about these apps the best.

What are your favorite photo apps?

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  1. Omg I love this post! Especially since I haven't experimented with many picture apps. So awesome that these are free too...hee hee. ;) i'll be checking these out for sure!!

  2. These apps look so cool and I'll have to check them out...Once I get my iphone that is! XD

  3. Lol that's funny what you said at the end. I love my iPhone and love all of the photo apps! Thanks for recommending these apps!

  4. the effects are so cute!

  5. Thanks for all the cool photo app recs! I usually just use Photoshop but it's not much fun.
    The only one of these I have is moreBeaute2 and it is totally like airbrushing XD

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. oh cute! haha you pretty much don't need photoshop anymore with these photo editing apps!

  7. i'm gonna check out these apps! thank you :)

  8. thanks for sharing this! gotta download now haha
    definately following you
    hope you stop by


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