Instagram Monthly | This week! (09/02-09/07)

by - 9/08/2012

Hello Everyone! So I have been instagraming a lot lately. (wtf, is that even a word: instagraming?) Anyway, so I decided to do a quick post on all the stuff I've been kind of loving the last couple of weeks.

I made 3 cute head bows last weekend, and my mom said I looked like δΈ‰ε…«, which if you translate it in Taiwanese means crazy wtf?
Made some more bracelets this past week. Didn't like the brown one I made so much, so I decided to experiment with different color cords. This one is white! And it takes a lot of effort to watermark your pictures for instagram. :(

 I have yet to decide if I want to make more headbands, because my mom was so mean about it!

My nails this past week. I decided to paint them a blue color. It's OPI's teal the cows come home. Sorry, I forgot to mention it on my instagram!

Me and hello kitty! Love!

Wtf, I've been seeing a lot of posts about Asian girls with their Duffy bears, which by the way you can only either get it online, or at DisneySea. *Tears* I want a Duffy bear!

But I guess Hello Kitty will have to do. It's soft by the way, like uber soft! I still loves you Hello Kitty! 

Recieved my phone case from Erynn! Check out her blog, it's freaking cute! I won her giveaway! 
It's really cute! And it came in a cute plastic wrapping!
Her business card! It's as cute as the phone case!
Check out her website when it comes!
Not sure if you can see but I've putted my iphone into the case. Decided to change the background, because the other one was too loud!
What my phone looks like with the case on! (Didn't realized it until now, but you can see the left hand top corner poke out!)

That's all for this week. I'm debating if I want to blog two times a week, as opposed to once a week. I'm still iffy about it, because that's going to mean more posts, and I'm not sure if I can keep up! But I'm considering it. For now, I will stick with once a week. But if I do end up blogging two times, I will do it during the weekday as well.

By the way, I'm super happy that a lot of you liked my last post on iPhone photo apps!

P.S. Have you noticed the new banner? Yes, I made it this past week! Hope you guys have a lovely week!

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  1. i tagged you for the Liebster award!

  2. hello kitty!!

  3. Aww the bows are cute and the phone case is even cuterrrr lol


  4. the case is so cute!

    followed you xx

  5. o that’s nice! i haven’t won any giveaways yet! =P

    & I like the hello kitty! hehee

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoox

  6. The bracelet is so cute! How did you make it?

  7. You're really good at it, the bracelet that you made is lovely!


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