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Yeah, yeah I know nobody likes reading a long blog with nothing but words (and no pictures), but I've included a pretty picture of a heart down below! I will include a list of awards I've recieved and who gave them to me! 
Vicky - Liebster Award
Dia Black - Liebster Award
Elle Woo - Liebster Award & Versatile Award

11 things about me: 
1. I have a younger brother.
2. I own three hello kitty stuffed animals.
3. I love to eat! But for some reason, I don't post that many pictures of my food, because I have a tendency to eat first and then think to take a picture afterwards. -__-
4. I drink orange juice every day.
5. I've never been to the east coast of USA. Which is weird, because everyone else I know has been there at least once.
6. I have had my Lumix GF-2 for a little over a year, and I still have the first picture I took on the SD card. By the way the first picture was a picture of one of my friends.
7. My dad is weird. He has a collection of knifes, and my brother has a sword. So you know we are so ready for the zombies, when the zombie Apocalypse happens wtf.
8. I recently cleaned out my magazine collection. I recycled a lot of them.
9. I live in a two story house, which is something I really dislike! All those stairs!
10. I love to read! I especially love to read fantasy books. Like young adult books.
11. Once in a while, I like listening to random covers of songs on youtube.

Questions from Vicky:
1. What kind of cellphone do you have? Do you love it or hate it and why.
I have an iphone 4s. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. It's an okay phone. To be honest, I think my favorite phone of all time would be the samsung blackjack II.
2. What are your current makeup products that you LOVE? List 5.
I love my ELF gel liner in coffee, My skinfood peach sake finish powder, my MAC body/face foundation, my sigma brush set (wtf, is that considered a makeup product?), and my nars deep throat blush!
3. What's your ideal vacation spot?
Singapore/Malaysia! The perfect place for shopping, and good food!
4. How much do you spend on makeup in a month?
I actually haven't bought much makeup in the last couple of months. I already have a lot of it. But let's say this was in 2009 when I was still building up my collection, I would probably spend around $100 a month.
5. Do you have any pets? Name? Breed?
I have a bird. It's name is Pikachu and it's a cocktail.
6. What's in your bag right now?
Hmmm... My wallet, my body spray, two chapsticks, keys, bottled water, and a towel, for going to the gym.
7. What's your favorite Holiday and why?
My favorite holiday is my birthday. Wait is that even a holiday? Haha, it's because every year, my mom and dad take me out to eat something, or they order in a platter of food!
8. What's one of your favorite TV show?
My favorite TV show right now would be a toss up between Big Bang Theory, and Walking Dead!
9. What is ONE of your holy grail makeup product?
Probably my foundation!
10. What is your favorite eye shadow palette?
My urban decay special edition Alice in Wonderland palette!
11. What do you like doing other than blogging?
Reading blogs? Lol, um... Well I do like reading. I also like cooking! Check out the picture below yo! I love making random meals for myself and my family.

Questions from Dia Black:
1. What song(s) would be the soundtrack of your life?
I have a lot of songs, I've loved over the past couple of years, it would be really hard to pick, but if I had to pick one song, it would be we run LA, by
2. Liquid foundation or powder?
I've always been more of a liquid type of girl, but now that I think of it, I would have to say both.
3. What is your special talent that you feel you could never lose as you grow older?
Whistling? Haha.
4. If you had to remodel your house based off of one object to reflect your interests what would it be and why?
I would remodel my house based off of Glamour. I love anything glamours.
5. Would you rather lose your hearing or sight?
I would rather lose my sight. I think because if I would never be able to listen to music again, I would simply be sad forever.
6. What era or period of fashion would you like to revisit?
The early 1900's.
7. What are your favorite books to read?
Anything that's geared towards young adults, right now, I'm in love with super hero based books.
8. Is there a person in your life you miss?
My friend. Not going to say who, because I don't ever want him to read this and think it's him. Wtf.
9. When you were younger, what did you honestly want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a doctor. Wow, that never happened. Because I can't stand the sight of blood.
10. Lefty? Righty? Amby?
11. What city do you dream of visiting one day that you havent already?
London. I've never been to Europe, and I think it would be fun!

Questions from Elle Woo:
1. What made you want to start blogging?
I actually started blogging a long time ago! Before the term blogging even came up, I think! I think the reason why I started this blog, was to share my take on beauty products, but now it's so much more than that. 
2. What inspires you everyday to do what you do?
I do what I have to do. And no that does not mean I kill people. Wtf. I try to do my best everyday at what I love and aspire to do. 
3. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
I would love the ability to fly. Because then I can fly anywhere.
4. What would be your dream job?
My dream job would be to work in fashion. 
5. If you could have 3 wishes, what would you wish for? (No wishing for more wishes!)
I would wish for a good amount of money. I would wish for my dream man, haha. And the last wish I would wish for a house to complete my 3 wishes. 
6. What is your favorite food?
There is an endless list of food I would put down. I would have to say hands down I really love Mexican food. Can't have it all the time though, I would gain a ton of weight, wtf. 
7. What 3 places would you travel to first if you could go anywhere in the world?
I would go to Taiwan, because it's my favorite country, and then Paris, and then London. 
8. What's your favorite number?
9. What is your favorite fashion trend for the Fall season?
Probably blood red and dark purple colored items. 
10. What is your favorite makeup brand?
I don't think I have a favorite makeup brand. But if I had to say, I would say Smashbox. I orginally started with smashbox when I first got into makeup. 
11. What one makeup product could you not live without and why? (E.g., foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, etc.)
I would say foundation, hands freaking down. If I ever have a blemish, it can be concealed with a little bit of foundation. 

Tell 7 things about yourself: 

1. My brother and I used to fight all the time, when we were younger, now all we get into are arguments. 
2. I use to love dancing when I was younger. I think I still do, but it gets harder as you grow older. 
3. The first movie I cried at, was The Little Princess. And no I did not cry when I watched Titanic. 
4. I don't remember my mom being pregnant with my brother. 
5. Even though I'm Asian, my house is not furnished in any way like an Asian house. 
6. I read the bible in high school for my AP English class, even though, I'm not Christian/Catholic. 
7. My favorite book of all time, and yes I do own it, is called The China Garden, by Liz Berry. And yes, I wish she would write more books! If you are reading this Ms. Berry, please write more books! 

And I tag you! Yes you right there! If you stumbled upon this post, please let me know, by posting your answers on your blog, and letting me know! 

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  1. omg >.< I want that UD palette! that ORLY nail polish is gorgeousssssss.

  2. i enjoy reading these facts about you! those nails are gorgeous btw. and the food definitely looks tasty!



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