10 tips to a better blogger!

by - 11/14/2012

Hi everyone! So today, I kind of want to talk about how to be a better blogger. There are lots of blog posts out there that sum up how to get a better design, etc. but I thought it would be good coming from me. Lol. mylayout11112323
1. Header - the first thing you should have is a good header. For those of you wondering how the hell you will be able to get a good header, you can either make your own, or you can just use a photo editor like picmonkey.com. If you really need help you can always email me. I'm always available to help anyone with their layout needs.

2. Cute Catchphrase - This is not that important, but if you have a cute catchphrase, your layout will look better. Especially if you incorporate it into your header!

3. Info bar - Now this part you don't have to do below your header like me, but it makes it easier for those readers of yours, to see how simple it is to navigate your blog.

4. Same width pictures - This is very important for a neat looking layout, and with same width pictures it can be a little tricky, but it makes your blog look much more organized. And if you take really good pictures that will add to more readers. And if your picture fits the width of your layout, that helps as well! I always try to take decent if not good pictures, and to do that you should (don't have to) invest in a good camera. Now I'm not saying you should invest in an SLR, but a good digital camera, and a small tripod to take those still items/life pictures are good.

5. Profile Picture - This is important to establish who you are to your readers. If you don't want to post a picture of yourself, that's fine as well, as long as it's something meaningful to you. This will allow your readers to get used to seeing you, if you want to connect more to your viewers.

6. Email / Social Media buttons - This is important, because it helps broaden your network, so that way people can connect with you better. I've included in mine facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, and bloglovin'. This gives you a good range of social networks so your readers can follow you there as well.

7. Followers / Email Subscription  / RSS feed (Not shown) - This is not covered in my picture above, because my blog's a little too long to show this, but it's important for your readers to be able to follow you either by GFC, email, or RSS feed. It can get a little annoying if you found a blog you really like, but there is no follow button.

8. Archive (Not shown) - This is another really important widget to add to your blog, because it allows your readers to browse the different blog posts you have done in the past. Please don't ask me, how many times I wished some of my favorite bloggers had this widget in their blog, because it really helps when I'm looking for a specific blog post of theirs for inspiration.

9. Grammar - I'm not a grammar nazi, but I think it's good if you spell check a lot of the words you write, and please don't write LOL HAHA for every other word. It gets kind of annoying when someone writes that in every sentence. I use wtf, lol, haha, omfg, omg, and other shorten words every once in a while, but not every other word. And please note that it's annoying when someone puts like 5 + exclamation points, or periods after a sentence.

10. Blog about what your passionate about - The last and final step of your blog is blogging about what you really enjoy. If it's DIY, then blog about it. If you love cars, or knitting, blog about it! And before you know it people will be reading your blog. Not saying that if you don't promote your blog you are going to get readers, but if you promote even a little bit, and get involved with other people's blogs, you will get hits.

Other tips/Advice: If you want a good layout, there are plenty of free layouts out there you can download, and use on your blog. I'm not advertising for any website, but you can just google up free blog layouts, and you will get a dozen plus websites that you can download and install your layout. Just make sure you always back up your layout, because you never know how the new layout might turn out. And if you can, don't put up like 15 different colored fonts on your layout. It can get frustrating for someone to read, especially if you color your fonts like this! And please none of that CaPiTaLiZeD FoNt stuff, I think we all know, we aren't in elementary school anymore.

It's always polite to comment back on someone who comments on your blog, because it can increase the hits to your blog, and it's a good way to connect to your viewers! If I don't comment back on their latest post, I always follow them, and if I do find something interesting on their blog later on, I comment.

If you want to learn how to do simple tricks in HTML, and photoshop, my other blog will be up soon! So stayed tuned. And everything I'm offering on my other blog is free, because I learned a lot of stuff from the internet so I'm going to be teaching you all! 

What are some tips you have?

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  1. This is such a great and helpful post! Agree with everything you've said. I think alignment is key to making a blog look visually pleasing! And yes, discovering PicMonkey was so helpful when I first started out! Now I'm using a software called My Memories, and it's really good too - I'm doing a giveaway for the software on my blog so definitely go check it out!

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

  2. Great tips! I completely agree with every single one!

  3. love the tips!i we also recommend being consistent in your posting and to cater your post to seasonality, Fall looks for Fall, Holiday gift idea etc

    love from San Francisco,

  4. Great tips! I need to do a blog makeover and update, so these tips will come in handy. =0)
    New GFC follower from the Twitter, FB, Blog Hop. Hope you'll stop by my blog too.

  5. Very good tips! I wish I had a better header :(

    1. If you have a chance check out picmonkey! I think they have good photo editing ideas for people who have blogs!

  6. Great tips. I think I will give picmonkey a try..

  7. What a great post and wonderful resource. love it.

    Stopping by to say "aloha" from An Aloha Affair and to invite you to join us this week. We are now live and are ready to mingle. I can't wait to see what else you've been up to this week.


  8. Thanks for the tips, I'm new to your blog from Friday chaos. I like the look of your blog and I'm really looking forward to your posts. I have a blog if you have time I'd love for you too pop on over and have a look :-)


  9. Love this post!! =)


  10. Great tips! I definitely need to work some more on my blog and I'll be keeping your advice in mind(:

    Lipstick & Lace

  11. Aw great tips! I love the look of your blog :D

    1. Thanks Traci! It's always a treat when you stop by! :D

  12. excellent tips! Thank you!


  13. Great help tips! I'll be definitely using a few of these to make my blog better! :D xx

    1. No problem! Stayed tuned for my other blog which will teaching you tips on how to do HTML, and other little knick knacks for your blog!

  14. Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by and following along! I love the tips you put together, especially no. 10! It is so important to stay true to yourself, I feel like some bloggers miss that, don´t you think?!

    1. Thanks Martie! I totally agree with being true to yourself! It's important for a person to blog what they are passionate about, not what people want to see. :)

  15. Great tips! I'm constantly tweaking my blog and trying to make it better. I especially agree with writing about your passion. If it's something you are truly passionate or excited about, it will show.

  16. Great tips! A lot has help (:



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