My 2012 wishlist



1. Puma Sneakers: Need a new pair, (my pair in the exact style, but different color) mine has already worn down at the bottom.

2. Earring: You can never have enough jewelry.
3. Rainbow Sandals: If you live in Southern California, then there is nothing more I need to say about this. I'm fairly certain this will be one thing I'm going to need to repurchase this year.
4. Sheer blouse shirts: I've become obsessed with sheer blouse shirts in the last couple of months! Need more!
5. Black skinny jeans/jeggings: I have 2 pairs, but I always feel like I need more. And it's a plus if their stretchy.
6. A black cross body bag: I know this one is miu miu, but I just want one in plain black. Doesn't matter what brand.
7. Bracelets: Can't get enough of these!
8. Moccasins: I've been itching for a pair of these for the longest time ever!
9. Jeffrey Campbell Litas: Ever since one of my friends on facebook bought herself a pair, I have been dying to get a pair myself. Damn peer pressure.

This is basically what I'm craving for this 2012! I've yet to get a lot of the items on this list, but I can never stop wishing!

What are you wishing for this upcoming holiday season? 

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  1. They are just lovely.
    Following . Care to follow back :) ?

  2. Ooh I love your wish list! I had been wanting some rainbow sandals, but I have small feet and their smallest size is still too big for me lol

    1. If you have small feet, check out Rainbows at Nordstrom in Children's size! I was always so envious of the girls who I worked with at Nordstrom who could get away with wearing children sized shoes!

  3. The miu miu bag is gorgeous! And I woud love a pair of Litas (and the extra height they'd give me) too! Great picks :)

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 


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