Vacation 2012 | Cartagena Birds


I love birds, because they are so cute, but not when they bite you. These were some of the birds we saw when we docked in Cartagena. These birds are way bigger than our bird at home. The first bird was the only bird in the cage. I'm not sure what kind of bird it was, perhaps a falcon? Other than that, the other birds were outside and playing around. They were the cutest things ever. I kind of wish they were able to talk. P1030345 P1030349 P1030350 P1030352 P1030354 P1030361 P1030289 P1030298 P1030363 P1030362
I tried to will the peacock with my mind to turn around, but alas he was not having it.

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  1. These birds are so beautiful, I love all the lovely colours! One time a duck bit me and it was super painful!

  2. Oh my god the birds !!!! Gorgeous ! The second one is a toucan isn't it ? I'm not sure about the name but I love them !


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