Vacation 2012 | Puerto Vallera


This is Puerto Vallera! I have to admit this was my least favorite places that we visited. I think it's probably because there wasn't that much to do. I mean we did walk around, and it was like 90 + degrees at all time. Which completely sucks if you think about. Because honestly, if it's that hot during December can you imagine how hot it is during the summer?
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The sand people were kind of crazy. I only got a couple shots, but there was a mermaid! The cathedral was packed! It was some sort of holiday the day we went, so we couldn't even get close. I did get an okay picture of the cathedral.

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  1. The cathedral looks amazing! Hope you picked up some good souvenirs too!!

  2. wow looks amazing! Haha the sand people...that's crazy!

  3. omg those sand people ARE crazy. like, how do they get those people to sit on chairs like that with JUST sand, the amount of forces and center of gravity on those must have been so carefully calculated... and I'm such a nerd right now lol

  4. Beautiful photos!!! I love seeing the world through everyone's eyes!

  5. Gorgeous photos! Love the blog! xo

  6. I came here to your site from blog hop. I'm following now also, I'd be glad if you visit me back and follow my blog too.


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