Google Reader no more?

by - 3/14/2013

FYI: This is going to be a rant. If you don't want to read this, then don't.

For those of you who haven't heard google reader is retiring on July 1st, and while there are a lot of good alternatives to what you can use, there is nothing that compares to the original. 

background 640x400So to those of you who are freaking out about Google Friend Connect being removed calm down. I haven't heard anything about them getting rid of that part of blogger. As far as I know, you can still read all your blog posts in your blogger dashboard. Not that I suggest any of you do that. As far as I'm concerned, Bloglovin, will become my new google reader. I went through two hours of sorting all the blogs I read yesterday on that platform.

For those of you who only read blogs, and don't comment I would suggest The Old Reader. It's basically the same as Google Reader, the layout anyway, and I feel like it works pretty well. Unfortunately for now they won't allow you to import all of your blogs at once, so you will need to manually import all your blogs. Which is a bitch to me, because having to import every blog by their URL is a tiresome ordeal. Then there's Feedly, which I'm not sure how to make of this. It's very pretty as a lot of other people have said, but I don't know how to organize everything. There are a lot of other RSS feed readers out there, make sure to do your research before signing up!

I've actually read from several bloggers way before yesterday that they are renouncing GFC, which I think is a good idea, but I'm still super hesitant to take GFC off of my blog. For those of you who aren't already following me on bloglovin:
Follow on BloglovinFollow on Bloglovin Follow on Bloglovin
If you don't know how to use Bloglovin, comment below and I will try to get a guide up sometime next week! 

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  1. I know how to use it, but something is wrong with my RSS. :( I don't know what to do. This happened at the shittiest time ever. Because normally Bloglovin' works fine for me....and now it's broken. T_T

  2. I used Bloglovin pretty much from the start as I just launched my blog in September. It is more robust and has a better interface then google reader which is why is seems to be dominating.

    Ali of

  3. I am following you on Bloglovin!

    But omg, I am so confused by this whole

  4. You are absolutely right, Denysia.
    I work for Google and they have NOT said anything about letting GFC die with reader.

    Although they just might eventually. People have this misconception of GFC and reader being one program.
    A lot of my friends actually read their blogs on blogger dashboard. for that reason, I will keep my GFC around... just a little longer..

  5. Thank you for the info! Sad it's going away but I do like Bloglovin' better.

    xoxx, Monica

  6. ah i'm so annoyed about this!!! oh well, we'll just have to move on sadly :(

    hope you'll visit back

  7. This is why I keep trying to get people to follow me and vice versa on bloglovin, it's a third party...not going anywhere!

  8. your blog layout is so good!
    i love the header

  9. Feeling the same way! Hesitant to take GFC off the sidebar but bloglovin is definitely where it is at! ~Stephanie

  10. I mostly used bloglovin anyway, but I have more follower through GFC.
    I've been hesitating to just take down the GFC from my blog, but it has the most of my followers so…

  11. GFC? I still haven't got loads of followers. lol But, hey! I am already lovin' your blog on bloglovin'. Makes no odds.

    Scudds xx


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