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by - 4/23/2013

For those of you who haven't noticed, I decided that I should buy my custom domain name! So here it is: You don't have to change your links because it redirects from to the new name, but I just thought I should let you all know! (For some reason my GFC widget doesn't seem to be showing up on the URL. If any of you know if this will change, please let me know!)

And by the way, I know some of the comments have disappeared, but that's due to my getting a new domain, so as soon as Disqus syncs, everything will be back to normal. So for those of you who entered the giveaways, your entries are still there! Don't worry! :)

I have been obsessed with Fun lately. I think the name of their band is super catchy, and the songs are really great! If you haven't had a chance to hear them then get a move on it! I kind of wish I could just do a music monday post where I dedicate the entire post to music, but I think sticking with consistence is better in my opinion. 6197319778_eb709e39ec_z
Some Nights by Fun. on Grooveshark
I've been browsing a lot of different cooking blogs lately, and I'm in awe of these amazing chefs! And some of them even have books out. I'm in love with Sorted food. I mean can you not say that Barry and Ben are so damn good looking? If you haven't checked them out, they have a youtube channel where they show you how to make some amazingly delicious food. (Bonus: They are british!) Don't the Mac N Cheese balls look so good? I want to make them right now! 
And I've also been following more home decor blogs. I really enjoy reading A Lovely Being. It's a refreshing blog with lots of beautiful pictures.  
I love A Beautiful Mess' twist on lemonade! And the good thing? It's a cocktail, so for those of you who like a little punch in your drink, try this out! 

And of course this wouldn't be a good post without a little bit of fashion sprinkled in now would it? I couldn't believe when Kate Young announced that she was doing a line with Target. I was so excited! And I'm loving the yellow dress below for spring time! 
And from the same collection as above, I spied these beautiful arrow and heart earrings

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  1. Fantastic post! Great inspo!!

  2. mmmm lemonade :) I like it!

  3. I'm loving those arrow earrings! =0) It's always great to sparkle.

  4. Nice inspirations! I like that drink on Thursday :))


  5. Thirsty Thursday whoo ooh have to try that drink hehe.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  6. I just took the plunge and switched to a custom blog domain too! Congrats on the move. Loving that Thursday drink, looks so yummy!

    Kristina does the Internets

  7. Hey Thanks for the tip on A Lovely Being, oh and Adam I will definitely check him out!

    Ali of

  8. Congrats on buying your domain name!!! I love the idea of having a specific day dedicated to a topic it's such a fun idea!

  9. Very cool look at the week - great photos! <3

  10. I love that song, it never gets old! SO happy to have discovered another LA blogger - have a good day! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  11. Oh nice to hear you've got a domainname!
    I like it c: And I love Fun as well, I think it's
    a original catchy band!
    Mhmm I'd love to have a sip of the Thursday


  12. Ha, I love that I found your blog because you commented that you love Fun, and the first post I see is about them! Good taste my dear ;) xoxo

  13. Last year, my friend got me hooked on fun. Have you heard their first album, Aim And Ignite! Personally, I like it better than Some Nights. Check it out, I love it!

    Hugs & Kisses,


  14. Also obsessed with Fun., also obsessed with that yellow dress - love to everything!

  15. Have you listened to his old band The Format? Look them up they are great

  16. Love this post!!! that yellow dress is fab!!

    Join my giveaway to win stylish sunglasses!

  17. thank you so much for your nice comment :) my mother bought this necklace in Orsay :)

  18. I haven't listened to his old band, I've heard of them though. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm going to check them out! :D

  19. Yay for your domain! :D
    Aw I love Fun! :D

  20. I've been listening to Fun a lot as well, they are amazing.


  21. agreed xx

  22. I just got introduced to the Sorted as well too. I love their Thirsty For series.

  23. I love Fun. My new addiction is their front man's collab with Pink.. LOVE.

  24. I LOOVE Fun as well! And that Kate Young yellow dress? I NEED IT!! Love the blog - following you now!

    If you have a moment, I'd LOVE if you stopped by my blog as well! I just started (:


Thank you so much for commenting!