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by - 5/30/2013

Hi everyone! So as May is coming to a close, I thought it would be great to show off some of my awesome sponsors! If you haven't noticed, I love being able to promote my sponsors! So this is an awesome way for me to say Thank you for being a sponsor for the month of May! If you have a chance, please check out their blog, shops, and facebook pages!

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Jewelry has been a key part of my life for as long as I can remember. I've always built memories of special moments and precious events around the jewelry I was wearing at the time. It seems so simple now that it exists. I love waking up everyday to my business and to my customers. Piece & Tranquility is the piece of my life that I was missing and the fulfillment I was looking for, so much of which has come from within. Jewelry has always been a huge part of my life and thanks to the wonderful welcome I have received from the community, I have been able to ensure that jewelry is now a part of ME. The answer was here all the time.

Hi! My name is Juni, which is swedish for june. The name of my blog and etsy shop, hej juni (pronounced "hey juni"), simply means hello june. I was born and raised in singapore and have been living in brooklyn, nyc for the last two years. I am in a long distance relationship with the most wonderful guy who lives in miami. Most of the time, you can find me buried in my homework at pratt institute, where I am currently a fine arts student. I'm in love with printmaking and just about anything that's handmade. My dreams include creating handmade paper goods full time, adopting about ten corgi puppies and meeting a unicorn.

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Hi! My name is Kelly Michelle, and I am the owner of Art by Kelly Michelle. I sell colorful and creative paper goods, such as gift tags, note cards, greeting cards, and more. I have always loved arts and crafts, and I especially love the art of creating different items for my shop. I hope you can check it out!

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Hi! I'm Hanna from the blog Violet Lulu. I'm supposed to be planning my wedding but I never blog about that. I love my fiance, our two baby girls and the city we live in, Melbourne, Australia. When I get the chance you can find me cooking vegetarian meals in our kitchen, grabbing coffee at little cafes around the city and trying to find the perfect thrifted dress.

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Hi! I'm known as Missy Messy around the house (messiness is all relative, especially when you live with a neat-freak!) and I'm a part-time doctor, nerdette, curator of whimsy and cute, and owner of Gloriousmess! - a unique and original collection of paper goods and party decor for life's little (and BIG) celebrations!

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Lilla Stjarna pieces are rooted and created from a special place within, one of intuition and care and a little more than usual love for the shimmering. The feelings imparted by each element–whether glowing gemstones, forgeable metals, glittering crystals, or delicately detailed lace–combine into a special, utterly unique whole, as individual as each and every one of us.

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Fashionbits is a small home-based business selling freshly new casual style clothing. Our niche is, but not limited to, asian and korean fashion clothes. All our products are on pre-order and shipped directly from the manufacturer. This allows us to keep our prices low and be able to offer you good value for your money. Our store operates from Limassol, Cyprus and ships from directly from our suppliers in China. New products are added every week.

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 I first found my love for sewing when I had my first daughter 7 years ago. Since then, all 3 of my girls have been my inspiration for everything I do. Right now, I love to make and sew rag quilts, car seat tents, baby blanket, rag quilt patterns, car seat tent patterns, ruffled curtains. I also love fabric! I have been blessed and able to share my love of fabric with my customers.

Good Karma Handy Crafts is a true labor of love. My children, my husband and I work together to bring quality products to our growing list of customers. We have recently launched a wholesale line. We are very excited to have another means to reach new customers. We hope to expand our product line and continue to produce quality handmade products that help simplify life.

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Charmed By Wine is an online boutique shop that sells wine charms for all sorts of occasions.  Wine Charms are a perfect way to claim and keep track of a drink, or be an icebreaker or conversation starter at an event or gathering. Focused on quality and usability, Charmed By Wine produces wine charms made from strong wire with NO clasps, which means they are easy for anyone to use! The charms won't bend out of shape, break, or lose any beads under normal use.  This makes them perfect for all sorts of holidays, parties and gatherings.  Use them on any drink-ware with a stem or handle!
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Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm a twenty something, UK-based craft blogger with a ridiculous sweet tooth.  I have had a secret dream of owning a sewing machine and running a little tea shop for as long as I can remember. I'm still working on the tea shop but I now have my longed for sewing machine. Over at The Bumbling Bee you'll find my adventures in cake, crafts and my attempts to sew!

I hope you will visit all of my lovely sponsors! And by the way, I'm not going to be doing a fashion friday post this friday, because I need some time to relax. So the next time, you will see me on this blog will be on Saturday! Stay tuned for a giveaway from one of the sponsors above. Can anyone guess who it is? :)

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