Sunday Currently 09/22/2013

by - 9/22/2013

Hi everyone! So this is one of those posts which you won't see that often on my blog, but I'm in that kind of mood so I decided why not? This is a Sunday Currently post. 
READING: Twitter trending tags. #PornHubTaughtMe is so funny. It made me laugh so hard! 
WRITING: This post. 
LISTENING: Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey. I've been obsessed with her song so much lately. 
THINKING: About dating and guys in general. And how come I can never seem to hold on to a guy? I'm 26. I should be in a serious relationship with a guy, and be planning my future. But instead, I'm not. 
SMELLING: My peach flavored drink. 
WISHING: That I didn't have to get up at 7:30 tomorrow morning. 
HOPING: That I will meet someone amazing by the end of this year. Or I swear I'm going to go crazy. 
WEARING: My abercrombie shorts, and a plain black t-shirt. 
LOVING: iOS7 on my iphone!!! 
WANTING: To get the new iPhone 5s. But not sure yet, because I don't want to spend all that money on a new phone. OR DO I??!!
NEEDING: To go take a shower soon. 
FEELING: The need to dye my hair back to black. Yeah, I know I just dyed my hair ombré this past week. But I feel like since it's getting colder I should dye my hair back to black. 
CLICKING: Around on Bloglovin. 

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  1. "I should be in a serious relationship with a guy, and be planning my future." Don't be silly, you shouldn't be doing anything. It's your life. Live (and love) on your own terms and schedule!

  2. The right guy will come around when you least expect it.. don't worry

  3. Good luck finding a good guy! I've been thinking of dying my hair back to black too, but then dying my hair brown again will be tough. D:

  4. I've never done a "currently" post. It was fun to read yours! I'm wondering what peach drink you were drinking? Being 26 and not having a serious relationship is no big - why rush it? You'll find Mr. Right when the time is right. =0)

  5. PS - I'm brand new to Instagram, and I'm now following you (@2justByou). =0)

  6. lol I just had to check out some #pornhubtaughtme tweets haha

  7. I think its important to find the right guy, and not
    rushing to find one c: I'm not so convinced with
    the 5S... Xx

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