New Year Resolutions

by - 1/10/2014

I don't often make a lot of resolutions during the New Years, because I just don't think they are practical. For one thing it gets a little crazy when you go to the gym and you see the gym is packed because there are a lot of people there who want to lose weight. I have a tendency to make long term resolutions to myself. But I decided this year to keep up with some of my regular resolutions, and to start a couple of new ones.

One of my new year resolutions include growing my own little garden. I've been looking at different planters on home depot, and I decided that this is going to be one of those good resolutions that I will be able to keep.

Another one, is trying to eat better. I like to think that every year I do better and better at this. However I'm starting to think I might be lactose and intolerant. I can't drink regular milk, unless it's non fat. And that bums me out because I like 2% milk.

I have one blogging resolution, and that's to keep up with my monthly blog posts. I'm going to try to start on monthly favorites, and hopefully empties! And of course I'm going to try to do instagram monthly as well. I'm also hoping to make more videos to go along with my blog posts.

The last one is to walk Monday through Fridays for at least a half an hour. I think I've been pretty good about this. I've been walking on the weekdays for the last couple of days!

What are your resolutions?

P.S. How do you like the new layout? I decided to revamp my blog yesterday. This template has been a long time in the making. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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