I'm 27 today!

by - 6/18/2014

Today is my birthday, or burfday like some of my friends on facebook like to say. I turn 27 this year, and yes it has been an amazing year! So let's get on with it, shall we? I've done this survery/tag thingy that I took from Jessica aka Miss. FrikkenDuckie! Can you believe that homegirl is a Gemini too? That's pretty cool in my book! Haha, so let's get on with it shall we?

A// Age: I'm 27!

B// Bed size: Full sized. So that way if any of my friends/boys crash they can sleep on the other side. It's happened more than once ya know?

C// Chore you hate: Washing the dishes. It's a hassle, but I'll do it.
D// Dogs: We don't have any pets... Sucks right?

E// Essential start to your day:  A glass of juice, or coffee. Seriously though, coffee's been my friend for the last month.
F// Fear: Big animals, that will chase me. Example: Bears, wolves, etc. And also being stuck in the wilderness like Katniss from the Hunger Games without any provisions.

G// Gotta have: My macbook, my iPhone, and my camera! Except when the internet is down, which is around once a month... :(
H// Hobbies: Blogging, reading, crafting, and cooking. I'm a pro cooker. Go ask my friends. (I dance to music when I'm cooking too ya know)
I// Instruments you play: I have a guitar, though I haven't played it since I was a senior in high school. I need a teacher.

J// Job: Full time blogger.

K// Kids: None, nada. At least for now. P.S. I don't want to be the overly energetic parent like Phil. Haha.
L// Live: SoCal, and have been here since I was born here. I've lived in Taiwan for a brief time though.

M// Music: EDM, house, or slow love songs.
N// Nicknames: Okay so this is kind of embarrassing. My Chinese name is Ann Ping, so my mom likes to call me Ping ping, or Ann Ping. I go by Denysia most of the time, and if not, I will go by Denny, De, or Ann.

O// Overstock: A shit ton of makeup, and shoes. I have a bad addiction to shoes.

P// Pet peeve: Pushovers. I try not to be, but it happens.
Q// Quote: "Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer."

R// Regrets: Getting shit faced drunk at da club, and stumbling around everywhere.
S// Siblings: One younger brother.
T// Time you wake up: It really depends, but lately, I've been getting up around 8:00 am.

U// Underwear: I have a lot of Victoria's Secret panties. Haha.

V// Veggies you dislike: Bitter melon, it's just ugh...

W// Wants: To find my prince charming, and to lose a little bit more weight! Almost at my goal weight!

X// Xerox: I don't think I look like anyone in particular. I mean, I'm asian, so I know a lot of people when they see asian people, they just assume that we are all the same race: oriental. Haha.

Y// Yuck: Unhygienic people, dirty animals, and dog poo that people don't pick up.
Z// Zodiac: Gemini, or rabbit in Chinese zodiac.

By the way, I'm wondering how people find all these GIFs, it took me a good hour to hunt down all these GIFs until I realized that I could find a lot of them on tumblr. Haha.


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  1. Happy birthday!! Haha I love that you chose all Modern Family gifs! Too funny—they work perfectly. I hope you have a wonderful day and year ahead! xo

  2. Ha! These are great. Hope you had a wonderful day and all the very best for the year to come!

  3. happy birthday!! and yeah I agree being s pushover isn't good, though sometimes I find myself to be one still. and yaaa dog poop, people need to pick that shit up!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Geminis ROCK, coffee is a must, getting shit faced drunk is fun - but I prefer doing so at a party so at least you can take a quick nap on the couch! Lol. And bitter melon - yuck!! Loving all the Modern Family gifs you found, but yeah sometimes it can be hard to find gifs that relate to your post.

  5. Haaaaappy belated birthday dearest Denysia ^__^
    These Modern Family gifs make me laugh :')
    I'd love to try out your cooking skills someday! Xx

  6. Nice post! And Happy Birthday!!! :) Wishing you all the best and happiness.


  7. Happy belated birthday girl!!!! :) Hope this was a good one! I love your Modern family gifs, hilarious show and selection.


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