Fall 2014 Reading List | Part I

by - 11/30/2014

When I originally looked at how many books I had read during the end of the summer to this fall, I was a little surprised. I had read a lot of books. Which is good, but that means that this post was either going to go up as one big/long post, or possibly be split into two. After a couple of days thinking about it I decided to split this post in two. This first post will be about dystopian and extraterrestrial books.dystopia
After the End by Amy Plum - This book was a little confusing to me. Juneau is a girl who was told that WWIII ravaged the world, and destroyed the earth with their nuclear bombs. I mean seriously, how dumb does a girl have to be to believe that lie? Come on, at least in every community there is one rebel, and it obviously wasn't Juneau. I mean she's badass, but a rebel? I don't think so. It took her entire village being kidnapped for her to realize that something was up. And Miles the guy who is hunting her down too, and befriends her? It seems a little weird to me... Not sure if I would read a second book in this series.

In the After by Demitria Lunetta - This book could be categorized as an "Alien" book, but if you read it, you will start to realize why it's not in that category. I don't want to give out any spoilers, but the so called other beings that attack the humans aren't exactly aliens, but they sure aren't humans either. I'm on the fence about reading the second book in this series. Not sure how it would turn out, because the last I read the main character Amy is traveling south to find another safe haven. And yes even though it does sound like another adventure, I'm just not sure if it's going to be exciting like the first one. When I originally picked this book up, I thought awesome aliens! But after reading this and finding out that they aren't aliens, I'm a little put off.

Avalon by Mindee Arnett - This could also be categorized as an "Alien" book, but I don't really see any serious aliens attacking people, and causing people to freak out. Yes, this book does take place in outer space. Yes, humans have found a way to travel between galaxies, but as far as aliens go this book doesn't have that much of that in there. The main character Jeth is probably really good looking, but I just don't understand how a character like his will be able to keep anyone's attention span in a series. I personally don't think I will be reading the second book after the first one. It wasn't that it wasn't interesting or good or whatever, I just didn't feel that kind of connection with the characters.aliens
Conquest by John Connolly & Jennifer Ridyard - This book was a little harder for me to finish up on. I ended up reading half of it as an ebook and half of it as the actual book. The Illyri come to earth to help and control the humans. Humans of course don't like that, so they attack the aliens. And so a connection is formed between two unlikely heroes of the story, Paul and Syl. This story is basically like Romeo and Juliet, if they had lived in the future.

The Revenge of Seven by Pittacus Lore - I read the first page as the ebook, and then I decided that I needed the actual book in my hands to be able to finish it. A couple of weeks later, I got a copy, and started to slowly read this. I really wanted to finish this book up in a day, but sometimes you know a girl just has to pace herself. Well good job with pacing myself, in the end, I finished half of the book in a couple of hours. Anyway, unlike what the title says, I don't really think this book was so much the revenge of seven as much as it's just continuing the story of the Loric and how they are going to defeat the bad guys (Personally I would have named this book The Capture of 10, but hey that's my opinion). Seriously though, I cannot say enough good stuff about this series. I cannot wait till book 6, which is going to be the last book in the series! *tears*

The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey - One of the most recent books I have just finished. And I don't know why I'm surprised by now. The bad guys are never as they seem. Yes, Evan Walker was a bad guy turned good guy in The 5th Wave, but what about Vosch? Is he as evil as he seems? Possibly. But don't let that deter you from reading this book. There's a lot of good shit that happens in this book. I'm not going to mention anything else about this book, because I'm pretty sure people who haven't read this book are probably freaking out about the movie that is coming out. Hold up, let's talk about the movie for a second, okay? Like why the fuck is Ringer not Asian? Maika Monroe, you bitch, you are WHITE! You cannot play Ringer as a white girl! Rick Yancey even wrote in this book that Ringer is 3/4 Asian! I'm going to have serious issues if I watch this movie and Maika's hair isn't black and short.

Which books are you excited to read?


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