Fall 2014 Reading List | Part II

by - 12/03/2014

Part II of the Fall reading list is going to include some regular books about people in this day and age. If you want to read part I, click here.
If I Stay - I wanted to read this book, because the movie came out in August. After I read it, I was like eh, I could have written something like this. I mean the plot wasn't bad, but it wasn't like omfg amazing. I think a high school girl who was a decent writer could have written this book. Like honestly, it's not hard, just take a hat, throw some random ideas about problems that teenagers have, throw in different types of boyfriends and then pick and you shall receive.

Where She Went - This was the second book in the two part series. And i thought this book was okay. Again didn't wow me like omfg, but at least the author didn't write this book to happen right after If I Stay. There is a little bit of a time gap, and both characters have kind of moved on with their lives, until a chance encounter between Mia and Adam bring them together again.

Just One Day & Just One Year - This book has a similar plot to If I stay. Basically a girl named Allyson meets a boy, girl loses boy, girl goes on a quest to find boy, and then she finds boy, she gets that rush of emotions back from when she first laid eyes on boy. This book is kind of similar to If I stay, but in the opposite way. Instead of boy loses girl, it's girl loses boy. Just one year, is similar in plot to Just One Day it's just a retelling of the tale told by Willem, the boy that girl lost.
24-Karat Kids by Dr. Judy Goldstein - I picked up this book in hopes that it would be somewhat similar to Crazy Rich Asians combined with Gossip Girl, and I will say this, this book is definitely not like that book. This book is different in a sense that a regular girl who's not super model skinny, but not like obese is engaged to a good looking if not regular boring man. So after she finishes up med school, she wants to get a job as a pediatrician. Well it just so happens that a spot opened up on the Upper East Side of New York. She's instantly lured in, starts losing weight, dumps her fiance, and gets a new boyfriend, and lives in a swanky place. But it's not all that it seems... And that's basically the gist of the book. Read it if you want, but if you're hoping that this book is going to be Gossip Girl 2.0 this book is not it.

A Really Awesome Mess by Tricia Cook & Brendan Halpin - This book was one of the most moving books I have read in a while. Not many people know this about me, only the people I consider my close friends, but I was severely depressed a couple of years ago. I know exactly why I'm mentioning this now to all of you guys, because I can tell you that if you read a book with characters who have similar problems as you, you will start to see the good parts of your life. And you might just appreciate the good things you have. This book is about a girl named Emmy and a boy named Justin who meet at a reform school where they are pushed together and try to figure their shit out. Emmy is self conscious because she used to be overweight, and Justin has depression. I'll admit it I cried a little bit at the end of this book.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - This book was a little more intense for me more so than other books I've read in the past. I felt like this book was like a mind twisting, bending, roller coaster. But it was an amazing read anyway. For those of you who don't know the reason why I wanted to read this book was because the movie came out recently, and I was interested to read the book before I had a chance to watch the movie. I have yet to watch the movie, but if the movie is anything like the book, it will be pretty good.


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  1. Wow, when do you have the time to read all these books. I guess shame on me for not making more time to read.


  2. I usually read books at night. And this was over a course of 3 months give or take.


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