April Beauty Box 5 Review


So for some reason Beauty Box 5 had my zip code down wrong, so hence why I haven't been posting about their boxes the last couple of months, but since then I contacted them, and Brooke was very helpful, and changed the zip code. I had them change the zip code during May, so I haven't gotten May's box in yet. But I wanted to do a review of April's box, because there was some really awesome stuff in this box!IMG_1658
April's box is pretty cool, because it comes with some stuff that I'm excited to talk to you guys about. First off is the Lasting Smiles organic lip balm. I smelled this today, and omg it smells amazing. I kind of don't want to use this, and possibly bring it on me when I travel next year. The twin gloss is just like any other type of lip gloss, and I don't really hairspray my hair. 
This was the second thing that I was super excited about when I opened my box. It comes with these Incoco nail polish applique. I've tried the Sally Hansen ones in the past, and I just didn't really like those ones, so I'm hoping that I will end up liking these ones! Bonus is that they include a mini file. 
The last thing I'm super excited about is this ultra Repair Cream from FAB (First Aid Beauty). Since the weather has been so weird over here, it's been cold, hot, and then cold again, my skin has been taking a beating. Right now, I've noticed that I have patches of dry skin on my face, and even though I still use my Aveeno lotion, I feel like I should apply some other type of moisturizer for my face during the daytime. 


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