Sari Food's Superfood Spirulina, Acerola & Nutritional Yeast


I've been on a healthy kick for the last year, and after losing 20 lbs and then an additional 7 lbs this past month, I've seen the benefits of eating good foods. I discovered Sari Foods spirulina powder a couple of months ago, and after doing a little research (people says that it tastes like pond scum) I found out that it has a lot of beneficial properties. For those of you who are curious to how I eat this, I put a spoonful into my smoothie in the mornings. If you want me to do a recipe of my smoothies, let me know! For more info about Spirulina, check out this website. I found a lot of info about Spirulina and how to incorporate this powder into your diet on that website.

You all know how I feel about Vitamin C on skin, so what's the next best thing Vitamin C in your body of course! And this is a really good way to get Vitamin C into your body, for those of you who are either allergic to oranges/orange juice. Or just don't like the taste of orange juice. You could easily put this powder into your smoothie for a good dose of Vitamin C!
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Cassey Ho who is Blogilates talked about Yeast flakes in this video of hers, and I have to admit that this stuff is really good! It's a substitute for cheese, and even though I love cheese, I try to not eat that much of it, because I don't really want to eat processed foods all of the time. Even though yes I do love my kraft grilled cheese sandwiches, I don't eat them often. Yeast flakes can be put on anything that you might want a little flavor on.
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To purchase Sari Food products check it out here.

Are you eating healthy?


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