SOS Wild and Crazy Taco Night


Hey guys! So if you don't already know, I don't usually cover events, because I just don't... But this one is exceptional. So I was invited by YelpOC to go to the SOS Wild and Crazy Taco Night. SOS stands for Share Our Selves, which is a organization that helps low income families with their healthcare. I fully believe in giving when it's for a good cause. Tickets were around $70 to $150, and they do this every year (I didn't know that this was done every year until I went this year), I'm pretty sure I would go back again next year, because this event was amazing!

The picture before this one, on the right hand side (lobster taco!) was customized by Andrew Gruel the founder of Slapfish whom I am pictured with below! He's an awesome guy, and can't wait to go back to Slapfish to try out some more of the good food there! I've been to Slapfish before, and believe me if you are ever in SoCal you will need to check it out! Amazing food, and good prices!
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This was a turkey taco, it was more on the sweet side.
This was a sweet taco. I'm not the biggest fan of sweets, but I had a bite of my friend's and it was pretty good. It's a cookie, with marshmallow, and topped off with toffee bits.
I brought my friend Alice, because I knew she would really enjoy this event with me. And since it was a random Thursday, and we were planning on hanging out anyway.
So which taco would you guys want to try out?

*Pictures were taken by Alice*


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  1. What an awesome event. I definitely love events that are all about social good for great causes.
    I would try the turkey taco, and the sweet taco (I totally have a sweet tooth!).
    I'll be in SoCal at the end of May, so maybe we'll have to find this Slapfish place! =0)

  2. You should definitely check out Slapfish when you're down here! They are located in Huntington Beach, and they also have a couple of other locations!


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